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Cybering in Online Games Some of these 3D games are more or less designed for this purpose ( Red Light Center or Achat ) others have cybering as a side effect.

I remember quite a buzz going trough the blogosphere when two night elves were “caught” in World of Warcraft while they were involved in cybering in Stormwind’s underground rail system.

Second Life’s open world system allows people to create their own content, including animations, rooms, tools etc…

It’s not much of a surprise people soon started to use this “tool set” for more naughty purposes, like virtual sex.

An other game that is not really designed for cybering, but does have a large community engaged in it, is Second Life.

Every day the community for the best porn game Chathouse 3D is growing worldwide.

Reason enough to provide new and improved community features and features online.

young but legal, small breasts, class myself as bubbly and outgoing.

skype: [email protected] I like showing myself and both giving and recieving orders, depending on context.

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Above all, if you decide to meet your cyber lover in person, make sure you do it in a public location.

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