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Adaptations, accommodations, and modifications need to be individualized for students, based upon their needs and their personal learning styles and interests.It is not always obvious what adaptations, accommodations, or modifications would be beneficial for a particular student, or how changes to the curriculum, its presentation, the classroom setting, or student evaluation might be made.This policy was developed to make known the university's position on treatment of actual AIDS occurrences and related issues within the Carnegie Mellon environment and to address the needs of afflicted individuals.

Information and ideas from a multidisciplinary team, including the parents and student, are important for developing an Individualized Education Program (IEP) that meets the unique needs of each student with learning disabilities.

This policy is consistent with and acts in conjunction with applicable federal, state and local laws, including ADA and OSHA standards, as well as university policies relating to harassment, discrimination, workplace accommodation and related university services.

It may be revised as more facts about the disease are learned.

While the majority of a student’s program should be as closely aligned with the general education curriculum as possible, some accommodations and modifications may be necessary.

Listed below are some suggested ways to aid students with specific learning disabilities (SLD) learn more effectively at home or at school.

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This article presents a brief discussion of guidelines and issues that might be addressed in an in-service for teachers in general education to prepare them for a student with HIV or AIDS in their classrooms.

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