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Nothing is 100 percent certain, but all signs point to them being together!The actor had a lot to say about the relationship between the characters. Patterson discusses everything from the loss of actor Ed Hermann to the famous final four words of the show.Q: "Are you addicted to coffee as much as Lorelai was in Gilmore Girls? I drink it all day."Q: "Was Melissa Mc Carthy hilarious to work with in Gilmore Girls? That character was so special - I wonder what happens to her too!I love that many of the cast of that show went on to have such great acting careers! We went to Joe Allen, one of my faves."Q: "Big fan of Gilmore Girls, will there ever be a movie? " Q: "How much of the dialogue on Parenthood is improv?Sherman-Palladino had left the show by then, and not only were the fans left wanting more, the cast had to shoot the last episode without knowing whether or not they’d be coming back for another season.Time for a quick check on what they’re all up to these days.

Patterson makes some major hints to Luke’s relationship status with Lorelai.In this segment, Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson discuss how Luke & Lorelai are very different instruments but "together they make a weirdly appealing sound.” Watch the full episode on the People/Entertainment Weekly Network. ) I think from Day 1 fans were rooting for Luke and Lorelei, and ultimately he was the guy who stole her heart. So I said you look good, we're not in fifth grade. If they were instruments in the orchestra [MUSIC] They're very different instruments but kind of together they make weirdly appealing sound. Well unless you want to be mountain man all your life you've got to abide by the rules. co-star) had to drop out due to serious health issues, and played Sarah throughout the show’s run.stars Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson snapped a celebratory selfie as production wrapped up on Netflix's upcoming revival. " Patterson wrote on Twitter Thursday alongside the photo which featured the on-screen lovebirds smiling.

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