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This site is full of insecure, not so attractive, and shy passive boys that have no balls whatsoever. The latter problem by the way could be easily prevented by any first year computer science student and yet the admin can provide all the rest, grab the cash and yet not fix that. For the morally self righteous and intellectually bereft it is not a cheat on your wife site it is and is advertised as a dating site as well as affairs.

And if you tell them you're interested they Sook and report you straightaway and AM takes their side!!! There are in fact women there for those that like to claim there was something wrong with your profile and I have met some but they also are too besieged by the scammers and the automated fake profiles which are so easy to spot according to some people to work out what is real or not.

"While Ruby denies any wrongdoing, the parties have agreed to the proposed settlement in order to avoid the uncertainty, expense and inconvenience associated with continued litigation, and believe that the proposed settlement agreement is in the best interest of Ruby and its customers," Ruby's statement adds.

A third of the settlement fund - .7 million - would go to attorneys' fees, costs and expenses.

Ashley Madison wants to put that sordid data breach affair behind it.

But the proposal calls for Ruby to contribute "a total of .2 million to a settlement fund," designed, in part, to compensate "settlement class members who submit valid claims for alleged losses resulting from the data breach and alleged misrepresentations" tied to Ashley Madison, Ruby says in a statement.

The parent company of the infamous dating web site Ashley Madison, which made its name as a place for married people to find partners for affairs, is trying to recover from a terrible year. (the "ruby" is intentionally lower case), the company formerly known as Avid Life Media is currently under investigation by the Federal Trade Commission.

It was the subject of a "highly critical" review by Australian government investigators in August.

The plaintiffs' consolidated class action complaint alleges that the defendants misrepresented that they had taken reasonable steps to ensure Ashley was secure and that the data breach resulted in the public release of certain personal information contained in Ashley accounts and included account information of some users who had paid a fee to delete their information from the Ashley website.

Further information regarding the settlement and the claims process will be made available if and when the settlement agreement is approved by the Court.

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Since , ruby also has implemented numerous remedial measures to enhance the security of its customers' data.

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