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Project Reality: Deviation is a mini-mod for Project Reality: BF2. - No more grenades or lat/hat or whatever that could blow you up. The idea of making this mini-mod came to my mind back when I was playing a lot of Door Kickers.

It brings an oldschool tactical shooter experience to the original Project Reality. I figured that the high deviation and lack of sprint were harsh design choices, but it translated to a very coherent gameplay.

The mod also features a co-op mode, where human players may play alongside or against computer controlled players.

Co-op can also serve as a single-player mode (with bots standing in for teammates).

To be able to predict where the enemy is going to be is an important feature in a tactical shooter.

One of the features being explored is the implementation of a heartbeat sensor device, but until then (and because we're not sure if it's possible yet) we have added thermal vision to the squad leader binoculars.

The Insurgency mode, intended to simulate asymmetrical warfare, involves a conventional forces team searching for and destroying illegal weapon caches while the other team, the insurgents, try to defend them.An important health check to perform before issuing a schedule is to remove open ends in the activity network.A good starting point is to look for the list of activities without predecessors/ successors in the Scheduling/Leveling Report, which can be accessed from the Schedule window (F9 or Tools Note that open ends are also generated by activities whose i) only predecessor relationship is a finish-to-finish link or ii) only successor relationship is a start-to-start link.My idea was to recreate this entire process in a PVP FPS.The first major features were the removal of any sprint for a silent walk animation, the addition of a crosshair that moves according to the new deviation based on weapon movement rather than speed, and the addition of a GPS (on the HUD) that provides above ground view of the map layout.

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