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(did not help)- Disconnecting the boot drive (ssd) and connecting a different hdd and boot windows from dvd ( PC shuts down when it starts booting the windows dvd *Loading windows files* ) - Disconnecting all the Memory modules and testing them 1 by 1 in different slots (did not help)- Disconnecting all the usb wires etc. (did not help)- Checking all cables (did not help)So I'm assuming since I'm capable of entering the bios without problems it shouldnt be my PSU or GPU right? For users who have this kind of habit, here is a useful tool that can shutdown Windows PC on a set time automatically when you are not around.

Is he perhaps pressing the power button or cutting the mains?So there is a situation were I have installed a (x)Ubuntu 14.04 on a friend's PC.Automatic updates are set "download and automatic install updates".To fix that you need to run terminal command Thats OK for me but for his case is Einstein's relativity theory Is it possible to make Ubuntu wait for the updates to complete before PC shutdown or reboot like Windows does to ensure that there will never be broken packages and the same time his PC will remain updated automatically?What do you think is causing the shutdowns to occur?

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